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Billiards-Tournament-Schedule in the double-KO-system for 32 billiard players

Here we have a billiard tournament schedule for 32 participants in the double KO system for you.
In a tournament it is often the case that weaker players compete together with stronger players. To prevent a player from being eliminated immediately if he meets a strong opponent, there are tournament schedules that are played according to the so-called double KO system.

With this tournament schedule for 32 participants, the double KO system prevents premature elimination.

This is how the double KO system works:

In the picture above you can find the schedule.

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You can also download it here as a PDF file and print it out.

32 participants must participate. The participants will be drawn by numbers and written in their starting positions 1-32. Each loser of the first game will be contacted on the left in the losers bracket. The winner of the first game will be written to the right in the winner's round.
After the first round, aslo the first 16 matches, you start with the games on the losing side, from now on the winner is written to the left. The losers will be written to the places marked with letters. With this system you can lose once and still be first.
If you lose a second time, you are finally eliminated.

The game sequence after the first round begins on the losing side, then alternately on the winning and losing side. This ensures that you have always identified the respective losers and can in turn enter them in the letter slots.

The ranking of the places

The winner of the losing side and the winner of the winning side then play the final.
You can also read the placements of the third, fourth, fifth and seventh places from the plan.

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For only 8 players we recommend the tournament schedule for 6 to 16 players or the tournament schedule for 8 players in the double KO system.


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